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Global Factoring…..  Making your cash flow problems a thing of the past.


Global Factoring are a competitive finance solution to small medium and large business across theUK,Europeand theUnited States. Global Factoring take pride in helping businesses combat the ever-changing finance issues in today’s economic world.




Ask yourself these questions: -

  • Do you require more cash availability, perhaps to expand or to finance an upcoming project?
  • Are you tired with having to pay exorbitant bank fees and charges?
  • Are you paying a very high rate of overdraft interest, having to regularly sit in front of someone whose only interest is to maximise his bank‘s or finance houses’ profit, with scant regard for yours?
  • Are your personal assets at risk by being pledged to the bank in case you default on the overdraft?

If the answer to one or more of the above questions is a resounding ‘yes’ then Global Factoring may be the answer you or your business is looking for.


How can Global Factoring help?


We will take on the tiresome and costly problem of running part or all, you decide, of your Sales Ledger.  This part alone has proven to save significant amounts on overheads.

Call one of our experienced representatives today to discuss your requirements in further.


Global Factoring Success Stories 


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